Peeps Diorama Info

Ridley Township Public Library Peeps Show Contest Rules

Young and old alike are invited to the Ridley Township Public Library’s first ever Peeps Diorama Contest!  Participants are encouraged to create a diorama of Peeps based on a book of their choice.  Anyone can make a shoebox-size diorama to display in the library.  Contestants will have the chance to win awesome prizes.

Here’s how it works:

  • One entry per person/age category please!
  • Build a diorama using peeps candy of any color or type in a standard size shoe box. The theme is anything literary; for instance, recreate a scene from your favorite book. All characters must be peeps!
  • Age Categories: 11 and under, 12-17, 18 and over.
  • On the back of your shoe box, please include your name, age (if 17 or younger), phone number, email address, and the title of your “Peeps Show” (example: Jane Smith, Age 10, (610)555- 5555,, “Harry Peeper”). Title can be shown on the front of your diorama.
  • Bring your diorama to the library April 2nd-April 15th, 2018. All Peeps dioramas will be displayed in the library for everyone to enjoy and vote on! Entrants agree to permit the Ridley Township Public Library to photograph and submit images in advertising or promotion. (Library will be closed on April 12th!)
  • Voting for a ‘Peeples Choice’ winner in each age category will take place April 16th-29th, 2018. Winners will be announced April 30th, 2018. Prize winners will be contacted at that time.
  • Peeps should be picked up by Saturday, May 5th. All Peeps not picked up by the deadline will be discarded or eaten!

Prizes are as follows:

11 and Under: $25 Game Stop Gift Card

12-17: $25 iTunes Gift Card

18 and Over: $25 Amazon Gift Card

For more information, please call 610-583-0593 or visit our website,

For Inspiration check out these great sites!

You can also do a Google search of “Peeps Diorama”!


Good luck!