Mobile Hotspots FAQ

Ridley Township Library’s Mobile Hotspot Lending Program


The Alcatel hotspots provide simple access for up to 10 Wi-Fi-enabled devices, smartphones, tablets, or laptops on the T-Mobile LTE network

For a small fee, the  Library Hotspot program allows library card holders to access unlimited, high-speed Internet service anywhere a T-Mobile signal can be received.  Connect up to ten devices at a time, including desktops, laptops, tablets, smartphones, etc.  Perfect for those who have no Internet access at home, are going on vacation, or taking their business on the road.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a charge to borrow a Hotspot?  Patrons are asked to pay a small fee for various rental periods.  3 days: $6, 7 days: $10, 14 days: $20,  1  month: $30.  Payment will be due at time of check out and no refunds are given for early return or shortened rentals for any reason. (Please see top of page for updated pricing)

Who can reserve a Hotspot? Valid Delaware County Library System cardholders who are 18 years old or older and whose cards are in good standing (fines less than $20) may reserve a Hotspot.

Can I cancel my reservations? You can cancel your Ridley Township Public Library Hotspot reservation by calling the library at 610-583-0593.

Where do I pick up the Hotspot? You can pick up your Hotspot at the Information Desk. (During our curbside pickup service the Hotspot will be left outside on our table for contactless retrieval)

Do I need my library card to pick up the hotspot? Yes, you will need to present the library card (or other valid ID) that you used when reserving the Hotspot to pick it up. (No library card needed during curbside pickup service)

Can I renew the Hotspot I have checked out? We’re sorry that we cannot offer renewals on the Hotspots at this time.  A Hotspot may be checked out again in person if it is not reserved for other patrons.  Hotspots may not be re-booked by patrons for consecutive time periods.  They must be returned in full and remain in the library for 24 hours.  If another device is available, patron may check it out for the designated time period it is assigned. (some Hotspots are for weekly rentals only!)

What if I can’t pick up the hotspot until after the reservation date?  If you cannot pick up your reserved Hotspot, but don’t want to cancel your booking, please call the library on the first day of your reservation. If you choose to continue with your booking, please note that you will have one less day of total checkout time for the Hotspot and the fee will remain the same.  If there is no booking scheduled after the due date the new day of check out may be used and the due date altered.

What if I reserve a hotspot, but don’t check it out? If you do not notify the library that you cannot pick up on the day of your reservation or simply do not pick up your hotspot, you will forfeit your reservation. If after 2 days you do not pick up your reserved Hotspot your reservation will be forfeited.

Where do I return my hotspot? Return the Hotspot to the Information Desk. DO NOT RETURN THE HOTSPOT BY USING THE BOOKDROP! There is a $25 fine that will be charged to your card if the Hotspot is returned in the bookdrop. (During curbside pickup service ALL Hotspots may be returned in our outside bookdrop)

What is the late fee or replacement fee? The late fee is $3 per day.  We charge $125: $70 for the cost of the unit, $50 for various parts, and a $5 processing fee for lost or damaged Hotspots.

Will the hotspot work everywhere?

The Hotspot works wherever there is a T-Mobile cell signal which is just about everywhere, even out of the country!

Who do I contact if I have questions or a problem with the hotspot?

You can talk to a librarian by calling 610-583-0593 ext. 340.  For best results please return a defective Hotspot to the library ASAP.