Check out a Chromebook!

Chromebook Lending Policy and Users Agreement
Use Information
• The Ridley Township Public Library and Resource Center has one Chromebook that may be checked out once per day for a three-hour period on a first-come, first-served basis.
• Chromebooks may only be used inside the Ridley Township Public Library. They may not be taken into the lobby, bathrooms, or outside area.
• Chromebook and accessories (charge cord, mouse, and mouse pad) must be returned in provided bag and handed directly to a Reference Librarian.
• Users must abide by the Electronic Information Network (EIN) Policy of Delaware County Libraries (a full copy of this policy is available at or in hard copy at the Information Desk).
General Information
• Chromebook borrowers must be 13 years or older with either a valid Delaware County library card or a valid picture ID. ID will be held until the return of the Chromebook.
• There is no fee to borrow a Chromebook, however, fees will be assessed if it is returned late, damaged, or lost.
• Borrowers must sign the Chromebook Lending Policy and Users Agreement before check out and a valid library card or ID must be available.
• Wireless printing in the library may be done by emailing your documents to [email protected] Copies are $.15 each for black and white and $.25 each for color.
• The Chromebook uses a Chrome operating system only. Microsoft Office is not available on Chromebooks. Patrons may use Google Docs, Slides, and Sheets. There are conversion apps available to edit Microsoft Office products.
• A Google account is required for document preparation and editing. The library does have a Google account that patrons may use, but any documents created must be saved to a personal USB storage device (flash drive). Patrons may browse the internet on the Chromebook as a guest.
Late, Lost, or Stolen Chromebooks
• There is a $10 per hour overdue fine for Chromebooks. The maximum fine is $250. Librarians will not keep track of your allotted time. Make sure you are aware of the time the Chromebook is due back!
• The replacement charge for a lost or willfully damaged Chromebook is $250.
• Repeated or willful damage of a Chromebook will result in loss of borrowing privileges for Chromebooks and the replacement charge of $250 will be assessed to your library account or billed to patron directly.
• Removal or attempted removal of a Chromebook from the library will be considered theft or attempted theft and reported to law enforcement.