Computer Use

Computer Use Code of Conduct

Revised 10/16/08 and adopted by the Ridley Township Board of Trustees, 2/27/06

Ridley Township Public Library is a member of the Delaware County Library System, and complies with the Delaware County Electronic Information Network and Internet Safety Policy. This Code of Conduct was designed to supplement the County’s Internet Policy and Ridley Township Public Library’s Behavior Policy. The Library asks that computer users abide by the following rules to insure that all library users find their experience here to be informative, enjoyable, and comfortable.

Computer Use

  1. Ridley Township Public Library strives to offer services fairly to all library users. Barring times when computer classes are in session (these times are posted in advance in the library) or technical difficulties, Internet users who have properly signed up will receive 40 minutes on that computer. Users may receive more time if computer stations are not full, but they are generally limited to one hour of use per day. Additional time is granted at the discretion of the staff based on demand. Computers should be vacated within five minutes of being informed that a time limit has been reached.
  2. A maximum of two people may use a single computer at a time.
  3. To help facilitate the proper closing of the library at the end of each day, computers will automatically shut down 20 minutes prior to closing.

Printing/Accessing Files

  1. To help offset the cost of ink and paper, computer users will be charged for any printouts they make. If a computer user does not understand how to print out a document, he/she should ask a staff member to assist him/her. Printing fees: 15 cents each/ B&W pages, 25 cents each/Color pages.

Computer Equipment

The Library owns 13 public Internet computers. The following Microsoft software is available for use by the public: Word, Publisher, Power Point, and Excel.