Code of Conduct

Code of Conduct for Library Patrons

Adopted by the Library Board of Trustees on May 20, 2002, Revised February 23, 2015, Revised May 20, 2019

Revised August 23, 2021

The Board of Trustees has adopted the following rules and regulations to allow visitors to the Ridley Township Public Library & Resource Center to use library facilities to the fullest extent during regularly scheduled hours.

This Code of Conduct has been developed to minimize situations in which activity interferes with the legitimate library business of other patrons and staff, to protect all library patrons and staff, and to protect library property.

Library patrons shall engage in activities associated with the use of a public library. Patrons not reading, studying, or using library materials or equipment may be asked to leave the building.

Library patrons shall respect the rights of other users. Patrons shall not harass or annoy others through noisy or boisterous activities or by behaving in a manner that can be reasonably expected to disturb others.

Unacceptable Library Patron Behavior:

      • To be under the influence of alcohol or drugs.
      • To engage in any illegal activity while in the library building or on library grounds.
      • To interfere with the use of the library by other patrons, or interfere with library employees’ performance of their duties.
      • To engage in noisy or disruptive behavior, including, but not limited to loud conversations, running, throwing, fighting, jumping, pushing, shoving, staring at another person with the intent of annoying that person, following another person about the building with the intent to annoy that person, stalking another person, or by behaving in a manner that is expected to disturb other persons.
      • To steal, deface or mutilate library materials (including books, magazines, newspapers, recordings or other items of the library collection). Nor shall patrons steal, deface, mar or in any way destroy or damage library furnishings, walls, machines, computers or other library property.
      • To carry a weapon into the library unless authorized by law. Any patron authorized to carry a weapon must notify staff that s/he is carrying a weapon in the library.
      • To leave a child under the age of 9 unattended in the library without the supervision of an adult. Unattended children under the age of 18 should not be left at closing. In the event that this occurs, staff shall notify the Ridley Township Police Dept. to arrange safe transportation to home destination.
      • To verbally, physically or sexually harass, to threaten or to assault library users or staff.
      • To engage in sexual activity or contact that is inappropriate in a public place, or assault or any act of lewdness as prohibited by Pennsylvania State Law.
      • To engage in any activity that is not in compliance with the Library’s Internet Access Policy or computer use policies.
      • To solicit while on library premises.
      • To enter the building without a shirt or shoes.
      • Patrons whose bodily hygiene is offensive so as to constitute a nuisance to other patrons may be required to leave the building.
      • To consume food or beverages, or to be in possession of unwrapped or open food or beverages in the library.
      • Smoking or any other use of tobacco products is not allowed anywhere in the Library or on the Library property. This includes, but is not limited to, electronic cigarettes (or e-cigarettes), electronic vaping devices, medical marijuana, personal vaporizers (PV), or electronic nicotine delivery systems (ENDS) which simulate tobacco smoking.
      • To bring pets or other animals into the library. (Only service animals and registered therapy animals are allowed.)
      • To run in the library or to run in and out of the entrances or hallways to the library.
      • To obstruct the entrance areas of the library, either inside or outside the library. To obstruct aisles or passageways.
      • To leave bicycles unattended at the library entrances so as to block entrances.
      • To roller blade, skateboard, or bring sports equipment (footballs, basketballs, etc.) into the library. Any sports equipment must be checked at the Circulation Desk.
      • To misuse the restrooms (i.e. using as a laundry or washing facility).
      • To conduct a survey or petition or to distribute literature without prior permission of Library Administration.
      • To strike matches or to light lighters.