Ridley Township Library Cake Pan Collection

Ridley Township Public Library and Resource Center Cake Pan Collection

 Handling Instructions and Borrowing Policies:

Before and after usage, wash the cake pan in warm, soapy water and dry thoroughly. DO NOT PLACE IN DISHWASHER! (the metal does not react well!)

Please return the cake pan and directions in the bag that was provided at check-out. ($2 fee for each lost bag or directions)

A fee of $5 will be charged for cake pans returned dirty.

Cake pans check out for 1 week, no renewals.  You are limited to 2 cake pans at a time per library card. Cake pans may be placed on hold and picked up and returned to other libraries.

Return your cake pan to the circulation desk. Please do not return cake pans in book drops! (they won’t fit!)

Replacement fee for lost or damaged pans is based on the price of a new replacement pan.

Cake Pans Currently Available:

Bandleader Mickey Mouse                                                   Barbie

Batman                                                                                              Dora the Explorer

Easter Egg                                                                                        Enchanted Castle

Holly Hobbie                                                                                  Minnie Mouse

Over the Hill                                                                                   Partysaurus

Power Ranger                                                                                Sandcastle (3D)

SpongeBob Squarepants                                                         Sports Ball

Stars (singles)                                                                                  Storybook Doll

Winnie the Pooh (3D)                                                                  Winnie the Pooh

Race Car                                                                                             Troll

Bugs Bunny                                                                                       Good Time Clock

Hot Air Balloon                                                                              Horseshoe

Donald Duck                                                                                   The Count

Strawberry Shortcake                                                               Kitty Cat

Easter Bunny                                                                                   Blue’s Clues

Big Bird Small                                                                                  Small Hearts

Mini Muffin Tin                                                                               Barbie Princess

Winnie the Pooh Cookie Pan                                                  Tree Cookie Pan

101 Dalmatians                                                                                Bikini

Gingerbread Boy Cookie Pan                                                   Hercules

Bunny                                                                                                      Scarecrow

Haunted Pumpkin                                                                          Scooby Doo

Gingerbread Boy

Have you made a great cake with our pans?

Send a picture for us to post on Facebook!  Email them to teens@ridleylibrary.org or tag us on FB at Ridley Township Public Library!


If you would like to donate cake pans to the library, we can accept cake pans that meet the following criteria:

  • Wilton brand character pan
  • Metal (not silicone)
  • In excellent condition (not dirty or rusty!)
  • Accompanying paper insert showing decorating suggestions (or at least instructions!)