Ridley Library February Book Love Challenge

We’d like to challenge the awesome readers of Ridley Township Public Library to take part in a month-long photo challenge, hosted by us. If you’ve got an Instagram or Facebook account and a cell phone camera, that’s all you need to take part.

We’ve come up with 28 prompts to get you thinking about photos and books for the whole month of February. Take these as suggestions — you don’t have to be literal, though if you want to take these prompts very literally, chances are we’ll see some really fun pictures, too. Include with your photo your reason for choosing that particular book or taking that particular photo.

Those who take part can do every prompt, some of the prompts, or just a few that call out to you. Post your pictures with the hashtag #RTLbooklove so everyone can see them in one easy place. You can post them any time of the day up until February 28th. If you want to take a bunch in one day, go for it. There aren’t strict rules. This is about having fun.

As a bonus, or perhaps an incentive, we’ll pick photos from the challenge to feature on our own Instagram and Facebook accounts throughout the month. This will be a fun way to think about books, to share favorite reads, and to keep up a powerful community of readers. Also, we’ll randomly select one participant to win a prize at the end of the month!

Here’s the prompt with all 28 of the challenges, and below the prompt, are a few comments that might help with some of them that might make you go “Hmm?”

Explain “Shelfie”

The long and short of it is it’s a picture of you and your bookshelves. Too shy to put yourself in the photo? Just take a picture of your shelves (though we’d love to see your beautiful faces!).

Bookish Tattoos or Bookish Goods

Got a bookish tattoo? Know someone who has a great one? Snap a picture of it.

If that’s not possible, take a picture of a bookish good you have and love. Or something someone else has that you love. Or even something you wish you had. A bookish good is something book related that you have, like a mug or a shirt etc.

Explain “Bookface”

Be one with the book cover. Try to line up a book to your face to make it blend with the cover. If this is too challenging or you just don’t want to, another idea for this prompt might be showing a book cover with fun/weird/cool/whatever faces on them.

Rainbow Book Stack

Pick some hues. Make a stack of books that look like a rainbow. If you prefer a more ombre approach — a rainbow of blue books or green books or purple books — go for it.


It’s just what it sounds like! Any book related photo is fine!

…And that should cover the questions. Have fun with this. Be creative. Interpret at will. Just make sure you use #RTLbooklove so it will be counted and displayed!

If you do have questions please don’t hesitate to email us at ridleylibrary100@gmail.com. Have fun!!